Can a lawyer drop my case?

Kentucky meetingMany lawyers may choose to drop clients for various reasons.  However, the case cannot be dropped because the lawyer wants a more financially rewarding client or because the process is taking longer than expected. 

            If a lawsuit has been filed and not yet terminated by the courts, it is considered to be in active litigation.  Therefore, your lawyer cannot simply give up your case without the judge’s approval. 

However, there are numerous reasons that your lawyer may drop your case.  For example, a conflict of interest or ethical violation may arise.  In addition, lawyers may choose to drop a case if you haven’t paid fees or if you cease communication. 


Follow these tips:

– If you feel that the fees are too high, don’t be afraid to ask for a detailed and clear outline of the charges.  Errors and mistakes are human, so staying silent can lead to further disagreement and adds time to the ever-lengthy litigation process.

 – Remain in control of communication.  How often you communicate with your lawyer entirely depends on you.  If you are charged by the hour, write a letter instead of making a call.  Request updates from your lawyer once a month, just to keep you up-to-date.

 – Discuss the fees, costs, expected communication standards and other agreements upfront.

 – If you discover that your lawyer has been unethical, such as falsely filing papers or bribing judges or jury members, it is wise to try to resolve the matter quickly.  You can also contact your states bar association who can help you to file a grievance. 


Attorneys are expected to adhere to strict ethical and moral standards and they cannot simply drop your case without reason.  If you feel as though you need a replacement attorney, contact us here and we will provide you with honest, reliable representation. 

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