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Summer is winding down (too fast in my opinion). Children are going back to school and families are planning for Labor Day travel. These normal activities mean we need to take extra care.

  • Care about driving on a heavy traffic, heavy drinking weekend. Accident rates will go up due to people having too many beers at the barbecue and then driving.  Most accidents involving alcohol are not from confirmed alcoholics, but from people making a judgement error.  Should you be in the unfortunate position of being hit, call us.  We have a great deal of experience handling personal injury claims.
  • Care about making sure our families and loved ones are protected. Seat belts in the car and a will package in the lock box. Fessler, Schneider, & Grimme prepare the entire safety net package you and your family need. You know you need a will, but you may not know you also need a living will, a power of attorney, and potentially trusts to support your children if you cannot be there.

Use this fall to handle those care items you were too busy to get to this summer.

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