How Do I Choose The Best Northern Kentucky Divorce Lawyer?

Northern Kentucky divorce

Back in 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that Kentucky had the third highest divorce rate in the country.  At an all-time high of 12.5%, it’s no wonder that couples are seeking the best divorce lawyer possible. 


To minimize the destruction of a divorce, you need to choose an attorney whose experience and skills match your needs.  Choose wisely.  The best Kentucky divorce attorney will help you work through the process, as painlessly and as quickly as possible.   


How do I choose the best Northern Kentucky divorce attorney?

1.    Family Law

You need a Kentucky divorce attorney experienced in family law.  Many divorce proceedings involve children and will require the expertise of a lawyer who can help you work through issues of custody, child support and visitation rights. 

If your Kentucky divorce lawyer has experience in cases with children, then he or she will understand that your children’s needs come first and will be sensitive to their comfort and safety. 

Also, check to see if your Northern Kentucky divorce attorney has been rated through an ethical affiliation, such as Martin Hubbel.  


2.    Court

Make sure that your divorce lawyer has solid experience and success in the courtroom.  If your case is brought to court, you need a divorce attorney who can guide you through the litigation process, while fighting for what you want, on your behalf. 

Even better:  ask about the lawyer’s experience in court.  He or she should be able to adapt your divorce strategy to the style of the presiding judge. 


3.    Comfort

An experienced Kentucky divorce lawyer should make you feel completely at ease and comfortable.  A divorce is a painful experience and you may have to share confidential and personal information about your marriage, finances and spouse. 

Make sure that this is someone you like and you feel comfortable with.  Feel free to ask as many questions as possible to get to know your divorce lawyer.   


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4.    Approach

Pay close attention to the attorney’s attitude and demeanor.  You want a divorce lawyer whose style matches your own.  If you want the process to be smooth, non-confrontational and calm, then you want a divorce attorney who will take the same approach.  


Although the process can be quite painful, use these tips to find the best divorce attorney for your case.  Hiring the best divorce attorney is essential in getting what you want, while minimizing the potential emotional and financial damage. 







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