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People put things in their cars for all sorts of reasons—the baby’s toys, cute collectibles, want to

decorate their car, etc etc.   What is often overlooked is the great damage to the driver’s real visibility.  I would bet these drivers honestly believe that their mirrors are showing them everything on the road.  It simply isn’t true. Outside mirrors do not replace the view the driver has from the inside rear view mirror.  And nothing replaces the view a driver gets by looking out their windows.

The driver of the white car has the outside mirrors at a 45 to 60 degree angle to the car.  See the reflection of the car in the mirrors?  The AAA recommends that outside mirrors be at a 90 degree angle to your car.  Your blind spot is reduced dramatically with this simple switch.  Of course blocking the rear window is illegal, but that is not your problem when these people attempt to merge on to the expressway or change lanes or parallel park.  Your need is to be aware of them and to avoid them.

If you were hit by a driver with a blocked window or by any other driver come to Fessler, Schneider, and Grimme.   We have experience in handling personal injury claims.

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