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Photo of Attorneys David F. Fessler and Timothy E. Schneider and Joseph F. Grimme
Photo of attorneys David F. Fessler, Joseph F. Grimme and Timothy E. Schneider

Traffic stop leads to DUI charge for Kentucky worker

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Firm News

A 58-year-old Kentucky woman who works with teens accused of committing minor crimes and status offenses was taken into custody on the afternoon of March 17 for allegedly driving while impaired by alcohol. The woman, who is a supervisor with the Court Designated Workers Office, was also cited for speeding, texting while driving and failing to signal before changing lanes. She was released from the Henderson County Detention Center after posting bond according to media reports.

The woman’s legal troubles began when her car was pulled over in Henderson at approximately 5:30 p.m. A Henderson Police Department officer says that he initiated the traffic stop after observing the woman’s car traveling at 57 mph and weaving between lanes in the vicinity of 12th Street and North Green Street. The speed limit in the area is 35 mph.

The officer says that he became suspicious when he detected the odor of alcohol on the woman’s breath and noticed that her eyes were watery and bloodshot. The officer took the woman into custody after she allegedly performed poorly during a standardized field sobriety test. A subsequent breath test is said to have revealed her blood alcohol concentration to be almost double Kentucky’s .08% legal driving limit. The officer claims that the woman confessed to consuming bourbon at a friend’s home after initially denying that she had been drinking.

Making false or misleading statements to police officers will usually make a bad situation even worse. It could also make it more difficult for criminal defense attorneys to negotiate favorable terms during plea negotiations. Attorneys may advise drivers facing possible DUI charges to be polite and courteous to police officers while making no statements or admissions and answering no questions.