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Photo of attorneys David F. Fessler, Joseph F. Grimme and Timothy E. Schneider

DUI sentence enhancements could bring harsh penalties

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

An arrest for a DUI in Kentucky means the accused is in serious legal jeopardy. Concerns about receiving a driver’s license revocation may run through the person’s mind. And then there are other worries about massive fines and jail time. Punishments associated with DUI conviction can become more severe, depending on certain factors. DUI sentence enhancements add more punitive actions on already harsh punishments. Persons accused of a DUI might find it wise to learn about these enhancements.

As with other crimes, a prior conviction could enhance sentencing dramatically. Someone with multiple prior DUI convictions may look at significant prison time. Persons who repeatedly face DUI charges might wish to consider entering into rehab to address the recurring problem.

The prior conviction issue might not even be related to driving under the influence. Prior convictions for any crimes could factor into sentencing. Someone on probation or parole may find their situation a challenging one, to say the least.

And there are other factors. Once a person’s blood-alcohol content rises beyond the legal limit, he/she may be arrested for DUI. A very high BAC level might even lead to harsher penalties. Perhaps states consider this statute one that dissuades excessive drinking. Regardless of the reasons, anyone who crosses a particular BAC level in a specific state may find the legal system becomes less forgiving.

A DUI associated with child endangerment would likely elevate the charges significantly. Risking the well-being of someone too young to care for him/herself creates another legal jeopardy. So would harming or killing someone in a DUI-related accident. Even a minor accident causing only property damage may lead to scores of additional charges.

Anyone charged with a DUI or other crime might wish to discuss possible sentence enhancements with a criminal defense attorney. The possible sentencing could be harsher than the defendant realizes.