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Do electric vehicles put other drivers at heightened risk of injury?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

With gas prices holding a relatively high per-gallon rate, drivers are increasingly aware of how much it takes to fuel their daily commute and recreational activities. More and more people have considered electric vehicles (EVS) as an alternative to the traditional gas-powered vehicles people have used for decades.

In many ways, electric vehicles are an improvement over older models. They feature cutting-edge designs that make them hold up in collisions better and more advanced systems to make them safer for drivers. Unfortunately, the more EVS there are on the road, the worse some crashes will be for people in the other vehicles.

EVs are often very heavy compared to similarly-sized vehicles

When someone has a compact car, the battery bank required to run an EV doesn’t make it prohibitively heavy. However, when looking at SUVs and trucks, EVS can be incredibly heavy even when compared with other vehicles of a similar size.

The issue with that extra weight should be obvious. In the event of a crash, a heavier vehicle causes far worse damage to the lighter vehicle involved in the wreck. The more people that upgrade to electric trucks and SUVs, the worse the outcome of the crashes involving those vehicles, especially if the other car is a more compact, lighter model.

Despite research connecting bigger and heavier vehicles to worse damage in crashes, no rules require additional insurance from those driving vehicles that will cause worse damage.

Those harmed in a significant wreck may need to go to court

Often, the drivers who cause catastrophic collisions simply do not have adequate insurance. In some cases, they may not have any insurance coverage whatsoever. Those affected by a crash will typically try to file an insurance claim, but sometimes they may need to go to court to pursue any compensation they’re rightfully owed.

Learning more about the factors that increase the severity of motor vehicle collisions can help people to make more informed decisions as they drive. Additionally, this knowledge can be beneficial when working with a legal professional to navigate the legal and financial aftermath of a wreck.