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Photo of attorneys David F. Fessler, Joseph F. Grimme and Timothy E. Schneider

Pedestrian traffic deaths have reached a 40-year high point

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pedestrian-car accidents often have tragic consequences for people and may result in massive financial consequences. Unfortunately, a review of collisions in recent years has revealed that it has never been more dangerous in recent memory for people to be out walking in public spaces as pedestrian deaths hit a 40-year high last year.

What does the research show about pedestrian collisions?

According to a review of crash data by the Governors Highway Safety Association, 2022 saw the most pedestrian deaths in 40 years. The more than 7,500 pedestrian fatalities recorded in 2022 topped every other year since 1981. Researchers noted that the issue may be even worse than it initially appears because the national figures for 2022 don’t include data from Oklahoma.

The real question is not exactly how many pedestrians died but rather what has caused this alarming uptick in fatal collisions. There has been an overall increase in traffic fatalities in many different areas since 2020, with many motorists reporting a marked increase in unsafe driving habits like rolling through four-way stops and red lights or exceeding the speed limit. The increased size of popular vehicles may also be a factor, as SUVs, crossovers, trucks and vans dominate many roads.

Even though pedestrians may not be the ones who cause these crashes, they are almost always the ones to bear the worst of the consequences. Pedestrians, therefore, need to know that whenever they are in close proximity to vehicles, they are at elevated risk. They also need to know about the systems in place for their protection.

Dealing with the aftermath

Those injured in a pedestrian crash caused by a motor vehicle often have the option of filing an insurance claim. Those who find that the coverage available isn’t enough because of the scope of their injuries may also have the option of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

Recognizing the increased risk that comes with walking on roads in recent years may help pedestrians make more safety-conscious decisions about their personal habits and seek legal guidance to hold people accountable for their unsafe actions in the event that an accident does occur.