Common Mistakes Made During A Northern Kentucky Personal Injury Claim

Coping with a personal injury can be extremely costly.  Medical expenses, time spent away from work and all of the emotional trauma can have devastating effects on your life.  You want monetary compensation and you need it now. 

However, awareness and caution are vital to the success of your claim.  So be sure to avoid these costly mistakes to help secure the outcome of your Northern Kentucky personal injury case.NKY personal injury attorney


  • Not Keeping Track:

This is particularly important with medical malpractice claims.  Insurance companies and your personal injury attorney may need this evidence to help prove that the other party was negligent. 

You might also have to show that you incurred expenses dealing with your injury (i.e. travel expenses, such a lodging and mileage).


  • Apologizing:

We’re human and often apologize when an outcome is no fault of our own.  In the eyes of the law, this could be viewed as admitting fault.  For example, let’s say you slip and fall on a puddle of water in the grocery store.  To break your fall, you reach for a ledge or counter, knocking over the display.  You sheepishly apologize for knocking over the merchandise, unintentionally accepting fault for the situation. 

Apologizing at the wrong time, or to the wrong party, can have adverse effects on the outcome of your case.  Rely on your personal injury lawyer to help you determine who is at fault. 


  • Agreeing Too Quickly:

Yes, you’re in a hurry to reach a settlement.  After all, you need the funds to help pay your mounting medical bills.  However, remember that insurance companies or the at-fault party’s attorney are just as eager to get the whole matter over with.

If you accept the first offer, you might end up with a settlement that is worth much less than what is fair and you may never have another chance to recover.  Weigh this decision carefully and consult your personal injury attorney before you agree. 


Your NKY personal injury attorney will help guide you in matters of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice and wrongful death.  We will consult with you for FREE and there’s never any obligation to commit to us. 


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