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There is nothing more difficult for a family to go through than a divorce. But perhaps even more heartbreaking is the separation and distance placed between parents and children over the issue and decision of child custody arrangements in Northern Kentucky.  kentucky child custodyA parent’s feelings are certainly valid, but the final decision weighs heavily on evidence presented in court or lack thereof.

Because the laws are complicated and different for each state, it’s wise to consult with your child custody lawyer or child support attorney.  Specifically, when needing to navigate through paperwork, present evidence and argue a case, having a lawyer is vital to the outcome of your child custody case.

In deciding what is in the best interests for the child, the courts will absolutely take into account if there is domestic violence, child abuse or an addiction from either parent.   In addition, one parent may suffer from mental or physical health problems and this is absolutely relevant in court.

To prove that any of these issues are present, the courts will need evidence.  Medical reports, witnesses, photographs, public records and even protective orders may all be useful in supporting your side of the case. Often, a parent will have dealt with any of these issues years ago and have gotten past them.  You need an attorney to put the issues in the past and in perspective so they do not impact the current decisions. It is extremely important that you hire a child custody lawyer or child support attorney.  The practice of family law requires the expertise and sensitivity of a lawyer who understands what you are going through and who will support your case in the best interests of your child.

At Fessler, Schneider & Grimme, our family law attorneys and child custody lawyers understand the complexities and delicate situations in dealing with issues of child support in Northern Kentucky.

We’ll give you a FREE case analysis, which means there is NO RISK on your part.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment.  Let us help you and your family reach a solution that is in the best interests of your child.

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