Juvenile Criminal Law In Kentucky

Kentucky JuvenilesIn Kentucky, the number of youth (under the age of 18) who were held in secured detention facilities saw a 14% increase between 2003 and 2009.  According to Kentucky Youth Advocates, Kentucky was ranked #2 in the United States with the second highest amount of youth incarcerations, including children as young as 6.


Youth status offenses in Kentucky include repetitive school absences, purchasing or attempting to possess tobacco or alcohol, violating school regulations and running away from home.


A youth who is found guilty of committing a status offense or violating a court order may be incarcerated at a detention institution.  These centers are operated by social services and youths may be ordered to stay between 24 hours and 90 days.


Juvenile offenses are increasing every year and some legislators rely on detention centers to help correct youth offense behavior.


If your child is charged with a status offense, he or she may face this type of consequence as decided by the courts.  These punishments can have life-long affects and your youth needs guidance and protection.  In juvenile law cases, proper legal representation is your child’s best defense in securing their bright and positive future.


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