Motorcycle Personal Injury Attorneys in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

motorcycleYou are riding a motorcycle and are hit by a car, truck, or another motorcycle.  Hopefully you are not seriously hurt, but definitely you need to see an attorney immediately.  The cost of motorcycle insurance is low, but the coverages are vastly different than the coverages for four wheeled vehicles.  Health coverage, property damage coverage, and other elements of the policy are different.  Fessler, Schneider & Grimme have a great deal of experience in personal injury accidents that involve motorcycles.  They know what you need and how to deal with all the insurance companies involved.

Motorcycle Personal Injury Attorneys in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

Fessler Schneider & Grimme also have experience dealing with finding out the truth of the events of the accident.  They will show how your life, work, and out-of-work time have been impacted by someone else’s driving error.  You are entitled to be compensated for your medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle replacement cost, and many other elements.

You do not pay Fessler, Schneider, & Grimme until they achieve a settlement for you.

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