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What is a Texas Turnaround?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Kentucky has a robust state economy which requires strong infrastructure. Workers need roads to help them commute to their jobs, and businesses need roads to transfer materials to their facilities or products to retailers. The additional traffic on the roads from economic expansion results in more wear to the roads. It also leads to an increase in crash risk because of traffic congestion.

Luckily, our state invests in its infrastructure to reduce crashes and help support industry. There have been numerous large-scale highway expansion projects announced in Kentucky in recent years, and residents of Covington and Fort Thomas are among those who may soon benefit from a large-scale highway project.

Of course, with the opening of new infrastructure comes changes to how traffic flows in an area. Residents in Fort Thomas and Covington will likely be curious about the new ramp opening up at Pike Street and how it will change traffic for those on I-71/75. If you aren’t already familiar with the Texas Turnaround, now is the time to learn about it.

How the Texas Turnaround works

Drivers on I-75 entering the Fourth Street ramp typically have to drive quickly and rapidly cross multiple lanes of traffic. The need for aggressive maneuvers while crossing a bridge drastically increases the likelihood of a crash and causes traffic issues near this on-ramp.

Now, drivers will travel south briefly and loop back around, hence the name “Texas Turnaround.” This multi-million dollar infrastructure project aims to ease traffic congestion and the consequences of aggressive driving.

Kentucky transportation officials aim to facilitate a smoother flow of traffic and a lower rate of wrecks by identifying this particular on-ramp as a source of congestion and collisions.

With traffic transitions come short-term increased risks

During the first few weeks with the new Texas Turnaround open at Pike Street, many drivers will likely struggle with this change. Especially if you are not a particularly confident driver, you may want to avoid the Pike Street on-ramp while other drivers acclimate to it. Planning to take the ramp when traffic density is lower could also help those concerned about the changes this will create for their driving habits.

Tracking major changes to infrastructure can help those hoping to avoid a motor vehicle collision on Kentucky roads.