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At Fessler, Schneider & Grimme LLP, we represent individuals located in Fort Thomas and all throughout northern Kentucky with legal matters, including estate planning and probate administration. Our attorneys all live in our community and take pride in giving back to residents who are seeking experienced, trusted legal representation.

Creating A Customized Estate Plan

Whether you have significant assets or very little, children or no children, you should consider creating an estate plan. Why? Because we all have individual wishes we want to be carried out in the event we are incapacitated or pass away.

Perhaps you have a family heirloom you want to be passed down to a special someone. Perhaps you have specific health care or burial instructions. Or, maybe you have assets you wish to pass down to a beloved nephew.

Everyone’s situation is different. Without making plans, your wishes – even small desires – will not be carried out.

Assistance From A Trusted Firm

At our firm, we can help you create a customized will, trust, health care directive or another estate plan. For more than 30 years, we have established a reputation for providing trusted, superior representation to those in our community – a reason why we are one of the most respected law firms in the tri-state area.

Probate Administration

Along with estate plans, our lawyer can also help you with all aspects relating to probate or administering an estate. Whether you are a beneficiary or designated executor tasked with probating a loved one’s estate, we can help you:

  • Tally assets and debts
  • Pay outstanding estate taxes
  • Distribute property to designated beneficiaries

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