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Photo of Attorneys David F. Fessler and Timothy E. Schneider and Joseph F. Grimme
Photo of attorneys David F. Fessler, Joseph F. Grimme and Timothy E. Schneider

DUI Charges Are Taken Seriously In Kentucky

Kentucky’s police officers and prosecutors will not turn a blind eye to drunk driving violations. If you have been arrested or charged with a drunk driving offense in northern Kentucky, you cannot rely on law enforcement to offer you a favorable plea deal. You need to fight the charges.

Aggressive Defense On Your Side

Our criminal defense legal team at Fessler, Schneider & Grimme LLP, provides the aggressive advocacy you need to combat these charges. Our founding partner, Timothy E. Schneider, is relentless when he represents residents in Fort Thomas and the surrounding area who are struggling with criminal matters. He will not stop until he secures the best outcome for your circumstances.

Consult with attorney Schneider for free. Call 859-305-8659 to arrange your free case evaluation.

Working To Minimize The Impact Of A DUI Conviction

A DUI arrest and conviction can have a significant impact on your life. If you are convicted with a first offense, you may have your license suspended, receive heavy fines and be required to serve time. This conviction cannot be removed from your criminal record, so it will follow you for the rest of your life.

Handling All Types Of Kentucky Drunk Driving Offenses

We recognize that the stakes are high when our clients are charged with misdemeanor or felony drunk driving violations. We will personally manage your case, handling all the administrative and legal aspects of this matter. Our criminal defense team provides skilled guidance on a variety of DUI issues, including:

  • First and repeat DUI charges
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs
  • Underage drunk driving offenses
  • CDL DUI charges
  • DUI charges with aggravating circumstances, such as speeding while intoxicated

Choosing to represent yourself in DUI proceedings is risky. You may miss important deadlines or fail to submit the correct forms to your county’s motor vehicle department. You may be unaware of options you have to avoid jail time and reduce a license suspension. Now is not the time to make a mistake.

We have the legal insight you need to resolve your DUI case as quickly and effectively as possible. Whether you are a commercial driver, a minor or an adult charged with a drunk driving violation, we are ready to protect your driving privileges, your rights and your future.

Get A Skilled Ally In Your Corner

Having a professional and knowledgeable defense can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Call 859-305-8659 or email our team to arrange your free, initial consultation.