Juvenile law in Northern Kentucky

parents teensThe days are getting longer and warmer, and in about a month schools will be closing for the summer.  The students are excited: they will have more free time and more ability to move around and enjoy the summer.  Occasionally, that extra freedom connected to peer pressure means a child does something that gets him/her involved with the police and the courts.  Potentially your neighbor is threatening to sue based on something your child may have done. You need to have legal advice.  Fessler, Schneider, and Grimme have a great deal of experience in juvenile law.  We are all parents so we understand both the law and the stresses of parenthood.

Juvenile Law in Northern Kentucky

Not all juvenile problems are the same, so they shouldn’t all be handled the same way. We look at each problem and each child as an individual situation. You and your child are important. At Fessler, Schneider, and Grimme we will help you to understand the problems your child is facing and how to best handle those problems. Contact us using the form on this page or by calling 859-291-9075.  Call Fessler, Schneider, & Grimme for a free consultation.

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