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Did you know that the longer you wait to contact our criminal defense attorneys, the harder it becomes to build your defense?



The consequences for committing a crime are severe and could affect the rest of your life.

Bold representation is vital for recovery.

You need a Kentucky criminal law attorney who can clearly explain the charges against you, while guiding you through the lengthy and complex litigation proceedings.   

There are different types of crime and each is punishable by a variety of penalties and sentences.  

The judgement given to you depends on the type of crime committed.  Possible consequences may include losing your license, paying hefty fines and incarceration.


At Fessler, Schneider & Grimme, we are relentless in minimizing your charges and protecting you from devastating penalties, in either federal or state courts.  

Our criminal defense attorneys go head-to-head with the law, carefully considering each and every fact to get you the best outcome possible.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, don’t wait to speak to your Kentucky lawyer.  You risk NOTHING, so contact us today to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION!