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You are the victim of a personal injury, and you want a settlement to pay your bills, to be able to restart living with all of the problems under control. I know, because I have been in that same position. While Fessler, Schneider, and Grimme are handling the legal end of the case, you and I have to be aware of why it seems to be taking forever.

The doctors only found leg injuries the day of the accident, but now your back is hurting and you are having headaches. Time had to pass for these problems, created by the accident, to show. You have to keep going to the doctors and getting all the paper work sent to Fessler, Schneider, & Grimme. They will keep adjusting your case as needed.

All the insurance companies involved have to legitimately determine what claims each company is supposed to pay. They will not be in a rush so that they do not make errors.

Yes, you are making the payments on the replacement car.  Yes, you are sick of medical visits. The patience required on our part is hard, but necessary.